Motor Vehicle Registration
Eurosign’s DRIVE Software was specifically designed for developing nations with rapidly growing motor vehicle ownership and road traffic. DRIVE Motor Vehicle Registration software empowers governments to efficiently manage public safety issues which is directly related to the increase of motor vehicle ownership.
Developing nations have been negatively affected by a rise in criminal and civil violations related to the rapid increase of the number of vehicles and drivers on roadways. Many violations are not prosecuted because these nations did not implement software to accurately record, classify, store and retrieve real-time information related to motor vehicles and owners. Law enforcement in the fifield do not have instant access to data and this compounds effective public safety measures. Motor Vehicle Registration Tax and Ownership fees are under collected in many developing countries depriving governments of revenues to improve highway systems and healthcare –both of which are requirements for enhanced Public Safety.
DRIVE Software enables developing nations to efficiently manage Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agencies (DVLA) by registering virtually all cars and drivers and collecting annual revenue streams continuously. The continuous revenue stream will fund the DVLA, new roads, highway maintenance, traffiffic law enforcement and government healthcare systems which treats victims of motor vehicle accidents.
Vehicle Registration Process
VERIFICATION – Vehicle owner submits ownership documents to the Driver and Vehicle License Agency (DVLA) for review and scanning into the DRIVE database. Owner identification documents are scanned byDRIVE for verification and any outstanding infractions/violations and warrants which are uncovered must be resolved before vehicle can be registered.
INSPECTION – Vehicle is physically inspected: Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and safety of main components like brakes, tires, seat belts etc. are noted. The results of the inspection document is uploaded into the DRIVE database.
DOCUMENT ISSUE – a trained DVLA associate verifies uploaded data and collects fees for vehicle registration and issue:
  • Front and Rear License Plates
  • Windshield Decal
  • Vehicle Registration Document
  • Expiration Decal for Rear License Plate
  • Title or Ownership Document