DRIVE Software ECO-SYSTEM Benifits

DRIVE (Driver Registration Information and Vehicle Enrollment) software enables Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agencies (DVLA) to accurately record driver and vehicle information, generate driving licenses, vehicle registration documents and store data for on-demand retrieval. DRIVE also stores records of driving infractions, change of vehicle ownership, tax receipts and automatically informs drivers and vehicle owners of annual registration and renewal requirements. Field law enforcement can easily access driver and vehicle databases on the field to achieve safer environments.

DRIVER REGISTRATIONDriver Identity confirmed with Biometrics Driver Written & Road Test Passed Driver Medical Fitness Established Enhanced Driving License Generated Driving Infractions Recorded Confirmed Driver Identity Perpetual Driving Record Record of Driving Infractions Tax Collected
VEHICLE REGISTRATIONVehicle Inspection Vehicle ID Number Validated License Plates Issued Windshield Decal Issued License Plate Expiry Decal Issued Registration Document Issued Vehicle Title Issued Ownership Records Road Safety Confirmed Vehicle Year, Make, Model, Class Confirmed License Plates & Decals visibly establishes road readiness Tax Collected
TAX COLLECTIONVerifying Vehicle Roadworthiness License Plate Tax Windshield Decal Tax Annual Vehicle Registration Tax Driving License Renewal Tax DRIVE informs Driver Vehicle Owner of Tax Due automatically
INVENTORY MANAGEMENT Securely records documents issued and delivered to Driver and Vehicle Owners including Spoilage ReportsBlockchain Management of Secure Documents can trace from inventory to issuance clerk
REPORTING AND ANALYSIS DRIVE enables Management Queries to review DVLA performance for selected dates.System provides Real Time Reports in PDF, Excel, HTML and other formats
FINANCIAL REPORTINGSecure recording of cash, checks, debit & credit cards and Phone Based money transfer systems for daily bank depositsEstablishes secure Auditable revenue recording protocols where DVLA clerks accounts are balanced daily like bank tellers
DVLA PERSONNEL MANAGEMENTEnsure employees can only access database after Biometric + PIN login at terminals with dedicated IP addresses. Bars personal Recording Devices in DVLA. Tracking of all data entries and documents generated can be tracked to specific employeeSecurity for DVLA to create trust among citizens
DATA ACCESS TO LAW ENFORCEMENT IN THE FIELD Real Time Data Access of Car and Driver by Field Law Enforcement Police using smart handheld deviceDRIVE enables better decisions by Police in a vehicle or on foot Help to lower criminal activity BOLO = Be On the Look Out messages to field police