High Security License Plate

License plates are the singular visible mark which enables law enforcement, the public, and license plate recognition systems to identify motor vehicles or motorcycles by a unique license plate number. For this reason, Eurosign designs license plates with many secure features to deter counterfeiting or conversion

Secure features incorporated in a Eurosign License Plate

ARETRO-REFLECTIVE SHEETING on Aluminum substrate enhances Eurosign's High Security license plates nighttime or poor-light conditions visibility. Retro-Reflective license plates improves public safety by reducing motor vehicle accidents. The retro-reflective sheeting on Eurosign’s license plates is ISO 7591:1982 certified.
BPERMA MARK technology embeds or integrates government selected logos or marks into the inner layer of the license plate retro-reflective sheeting. This constitutes one of the most aggressive anti-counterfeiting measures recommended by law enforcement. It is virtually impossible to replicate PERMA MARK using easily available print processes. Eurosign trains law enforcement to easily look for covert PERMA MARKS on license plates to determine counterfeiting
CPERMANENT GRAPHICS which may include a country or state logo, flag and coat-of-arms are roll screen printed on the retro-reflective sheeting with the color pigments integrated into the material. Law enforcement and the public can easily determine if these unique graphics have been tampered with or missing
DUNIQUE HOLOGRAMS with a secure image is embedded into the retro-reflective sheeting and is impossible to remove without damaging the license plate surface. Holograms have custom or stock 3D images which are impossible to replicate with desktop printers
EQUICK READ CODE (QR Barcode) is an option for Eurosign’s license plates. Our special QR Code can be scanned by Law Enforcement on the field to during investigations
FUNIQUE LICENSE PLATE NUMBER FONTS are created for each country which Eurosign provides license plates or license plate manufacturing systems. We do not recommend German (FE-Schrift – which means Forgery-Impeding typeface) or UK (Charles Wright) number plate fonts because these are used widely in many countries and the fonts are available on the internet to counterfeiters at no cost. Eurosign creates unique license/number plate fonts for each country. Our unique license plate number fonts are not available on internet font stores and are efficiently readable by cameras used in Automatic License Plate Recognition Systems
GRAINBOW EFFECT HOT STAMP FOIL with country or state name are used to coat the embossed numbers, letters and border on license plates instead of paint. The view of hot stamped plates from different angles shows the colors of a rainbow. Rainbow hot stamp foil and hot stamp machines are not widely available to the public and this reduces the propensity for counterfeiting. Hot Stamping of embossed license plates reduces air pollution and the need for expensive paint-drying kilns. This environmentally-friendly process can produce license plates just-in-time at the DVLA
HALUMINUM SUBSTRATE with a 99.687% purity and 1.0 mm thick is suitable for embossing and does not easily oxidize in standard road use
IWARRANTY is 5 years for each license plate.