STEP 1: I.D Check
Documents supporting applicants identity is verified by department officials and scanned into DRIVE database. Name of applicant, Height, Gender, Date of Birth, and Address are also entered into DRIVE database
STEP 2: Vision Test, Road Rules Safety Test & Driving Test
DVLA Officials supervise all tests and results are entered into DRIVE file created for applicant. All results will become part of applicants record and will be stored into DRIVE database
STEP 3: Photo Capture
High resolution photo of applicant is captured and is stored into DRIVE. Photo also stored as a Biometric file
STEP 4: Signature Capture
A digital signature of the applicant is captured and stored into the DRIVE database.
STEP 5: Verification
Information is verified by Driver License official by reviewing a digital image of the applicant’s driver license on a computer screen. An official cross-checks the data with information given by the applicant.
STEP 6: Printing
After all verification is complete, the applicant’s driver license will be printed on location.
STEP 7: Quality Control
Both visually and by Eurosign’s validation equipment to ensure the card generated meets the standards established. Both the Visual Inspection Zone (VIZ) and the Machine Readable Zone (MRZ). Also certain security features on the driver License are checked and validated by issuing authority.
STEP 8: Issuance
After final verification, Driver License is issued and delivered to applicant immediately at the DVLA